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Farsang Gran Canaria 2018
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Over the last thirty years, the carnival has gone on to become the most socially and economically important festival of the island of Gran Canaria and one of its main tourist attractions. It is a celebration that has known how to adapt to the new demands in leisure and entertainment of a mass media society, while preserving all its traditional flavour.

In 2001 the Promoción de la Ciudad de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, S.A. company was set up to manage and organise the carnival parties.

The Gran Canaria capital's carnival has a history peppered with worthy contributions from many well-loved popular celebrities like Juanito El Pionero or the unforgettable Charlot (a perennial masquerader of the brilliant Charlie Chaplin).

At the same time it has become a festival capable of reinventing itself with the times by incorporating new acts and events.

Now, with its anthem Invitación al Carnaval ('Invitation to the Carnival') by Sindo Saavedra, the festival is a true popular phenomenon whose only goal is revelry in a carnival city.
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